1. Purchase your on-line test HERE

2. You will receive an email from USA Concussion Testing that will provide you with a CODE. This Access CODE will allow you to access and complete your at-home/on-line test. This email will arrive within 24 hrs.

Upon receiving the confirmation email you will have 90 days to complete your baseline test with this code. Failure to do such, will result in a new code having to be sent to you.

3. If this is your first time taking the ImPACT Baseline Concussion test, provide yourself with a minimum of 30-35 minutes to complete the test. This should be done in a quiet room, without any distractions. All cell phones should remain off or away from the person engaging in the test. 

4. Upon completion of the Baseline Concussion test, you will be able to email a confirmation of completion. In this you will receive your ImPACT Passport Code. This Passport code will allow you to access your baseline test results at any time. Do not lose this confirmation email.

5.  Once your Baseline Concussion test has been completed, it will be held in our data base for 1 year, from the date of completion.

6. It is recommended that a new Baseline Concussion test be taken each year.

7. Should you incur a head injury, or suspect that you may have recently attained a concussion - it is important to see your medical doctor immediately. If you cannot visit with your doctor, it is suggested that you visit your local Emergency Room or Medical Clinic as soon as possible.

8. Upon visiting your medical professional, you can access your ImPACT Test through the use of your PASSPORT Code.

9. In case your medical provider suggests that you take a Post-Injury test, one can be purchased here as well.